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New date for Edinburgh Comic Con 2020!

As we announce some months ago from Edinburgh Comic Con Facebook page!  and due to the Coronavirus crisis, Edinburgh Comic Con rescheduled for 12-13 September 2020!


Given the current climate with the corona virus, there is no way to articulate the weight we currently carry on our shoulders.

Every decision we have ever made, has been for the good of the community we all belong to. It’s a community who has supported us from our humble beginnings, and who’s support proved it possible to run an internationally attended show in the City.

We’ve faced numerous obstacles, taken financial risks and hits, suffered logistical headaches, while year after year, always managing to grow and improve.

ECC is, and will always remain a locally owned and independent show. It is run by the same fans who you know by name, that have been present from the start, and upon who’s shoulders carry the weight of this decision.

Therefore, even though the current ban on mass gatherings of 500 people may not apply to us, as we don’t require police or ambulance services, we have decided to postpone our show until 12 & 13 September 2020.”

To stay tuned, join me on my social media! (instagram, facebook, twitter).

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